Little bit about me.

Apart from being a proud millennial New Yorker, (Queens in the house!) I’m obsessed with marketing, writing, food, and other geeky stuff (anime and video games.) 

I’m a first generation American. My parents emigrated from Guyana.

My middle name is Sheharezade, given to me by my then 9-year old bookworm sister! How appropriate given how much I love to write now. I’m currently working on my 5-part sci-fi magnum opus.

2 fun facts about Guyana:

1. It is the only country in South America where English is the majority language

2. Guyana is the first country to have an American-born woman as President: Janet Rosenberg Jagan

Little bit more about my obsession with marketing and social media

– The only thing I enjoy about the Super Bowl is the ads.

– When I first saw sponsored ads on Instagram’s feed (Ben & Jerry’s ice cream with a spoon forming a smile,) I was the only person I knew who enjoyed seeing them.

– I treat every campaign like a fun science experiment, tweaking different variables to determine what works and what doesn’t.

– Whenever I see an idea I executed upon or a campaign I oversee do well, my heart swells with pride.

– Every time audience growth hits a new milestone, I have my own little happy dance with my client.

Social Media Management

for the Busy Small Business Owner

If businesses aren’t using social media at all, or if social media is being used INCORRECTLY, then businesses are losing money.

Plain and simple.

It’s money not only lost on potential sales referred from social media.

It’s money lost on those impressions. Think about it.

Social media is a “mostly” free (there are some instances where you have to pay to play,) way to build and interact with an audience WHO ACTUALLY CARES about your business!

The impressions you get from a loyal social media audience are priceless.

Back in the day, you would have had to pay thousands of dollars for those hits via radio, billboard, TV, or print ads.

I help businesses MAKE money using social media through sales AND audience development. 

I’ve been managing social media profiles for several businesses since 2010.

This was before Pinterest was a thing.

This was when buying fake likes and followers was still a thing.

This was when people ACTUALLY saw what was on your Facebook page without you having to pay for it!

Needless to say, a lot can change in over 7 years, and I have not only adapted and rolled with those changes, but I’ve created custom social media content and developed strong, growing followings for my clients. I’ve had the pleasure with working for several types of industries including:

  • Retail
  • Fashion
  • Beauty
  • Wedding
  • Food
  • Apparel
  • B2B

I Help Get my Fellow Millennials Jobs They Deserve

I’ve been through the unemployment ringer for MANY months at a time.

I won’t let that happen to anyone else.


I went through a ridiculous employment/unemployment journey that I wish upon NO ONE, which is why I give back what I learned about job searching, resume writing, and interviewing to those having trouble as well.

What makes me different from ALL the other job coaches out there?

I’ve been through the same drama, I speak from actual experience, so I know what you’re going through

Because of my marketing background, I can help you better market yourself

I don’t just call myself a coach for the title. I didn’t get a certification and I have no desire to spend thousands of dollars on some hokey “certification business” to get some piece of paper. I’m doing this because I CARE!

I won’t charge poor job seekers hundreds of dollars for just a little bit of my time, like many other coaches who can charge anywhere between $50-$500 for their coaching calls. I know funds are tight for you, and I REFUSE to bleed you dry with money you need to pay the bills.